22 Tips to Decorate a Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

A farmhouse decor accentuates a rural ambiance and rich in natural elements. Moreover, this design concept is often combined with a modern finish to give a fresher look. Interested in injecting a farmhouse touch into your modern home? So, here are five tips for creating an attractive modern farmhouse bedroom.

1. Use Warm Colors

Because a cozy and comfortable atmosphere becomes the typical character of the farmhouse style, choose colors that have a warm tone. For example, you can go for beige, white, and brown, all these colors can give your room a more soothing impression.

A modern farmhouse bedroom with white color combined with comfortable white bedding can make you feel more comfortable to stay in the bedroom.
A farmhouse style bedroom with warm shades created from all-white color. Complete with a lot of pillows can make your modern farmhouse bedroom feel more comfortable.
Choosing a white color for the modern farmhouse bedroom is suitable to get convenience. You can complete the decoration by adding a striped rug and a round mirror above the headboard.
To get a warm impression in your modern farmhouse bedroom you can apply white color for the main color of the room. Complete with stripe rug that matches with room theme, so you will get a nice bedroom decoration.

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White color is suitable color to get convenience and warmth in your modern farmhouse bedroom. You can combine the decoration by adding a patterned rug to get a contrast look in your bedroom.

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2. Put Furniture Made of Wood

As for farmhouse bedroom furniture ideas, decorate your space with ones made of wood. The combination of wood materials with modern detail is a good way to create this style in your bedroom.

Complete your modern farmhouse bedroom with wooden furniture to get a stylish look and feel warm at the same time.
The simple idea to complete your modern farmhouse bedroom decor is putting some wooden furniture there. To get a fresh look you can complete with flower decoration and floral pattern for your bedding idea.
To complete your modern farmhouse bedroom you have to put some wooden furniture. Combine wood elements with modern style is a good way to create a stylish bedroom.
A bedroom idea in a modern farmhouse style with a blend of wooden furniture and vinyl wood floors can create the impression of a dream bedroom.
Modern farmhouse design with wooden furniture is suitable to get a warm feeling in your room. Complete with fireplace to get a warm impression.

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3. Hang Some Attractive Wall Decoration

Next, you also need to consider the right farmhouse bedroom wall decor to perfect the entire look of space. You can, for instance, display some wood framed signs, a rustic wall clock or other farmhouse-inspired aesthetics to enhance the bedroom look. Just don’t limit your imagination in decorating the farmhouse bedroom!

A modern farmhouse style bedroom with a combination of wood and wall are suitable to get a warm feeling in your bedroom. Add with round wall clock accents to enhance your bedroom decor.
A modern farmhouse bedroom ideas with a round wall clock are suitable to make this bedroom decoration more stunning.

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A classic rustic wall clock that placed on the wall of the bedroom can make your bedroom look so nice.

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4. Provide a Place for Wood Pallets and White

Wooden pallet material is a simple trick to bring up a farmhouse style in your bedroom interior. To get a more excellent result for your farmhouse bedroom decor, choose white as the color theme of your room. Aside from being able to accentuate your farmhouse furniture, the use of white can also make the room look more spacious.

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5. Build a Combination of Wood and Stone

If your bedroom has used a lot of wood elements, especially on its ceiling or furniture, add a stone detail to one side of the walls for a beautiful contrast. The combination of wood and stone textures can also make your bedroom look brighter and warmer.

The combination of wood and natural stone makes this modern farmhouse bedroom style feels warm and comfortable.
A modern farmhouse bedroom style with a combination of wood and stone can make the room warmer and bright.
Warm shades are shown in the modern farmhouse bedroom decor. With natural stone accents on the fireplace and wooden pillars on the roof can make the bedroom decor more stunning.

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Combining wood element and natural stone can make your bedroom feel warm and bright at the same time.
To create a warm and bright impression in your bedroom you can combine a wood and stone touch to your bedroom.

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Inspired to apply the tips above in your bedroom? Find any inspiration that best suits your farmhouse style!

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