21 Simple DIY Bedroom Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

Just don’t let your Valentine’s day this year passes without something special. Commonly, people express their euphoria of celebrating this great day by sharing love one another. But, you may bring more romantic Valentine’s day decoration for your home through decorative elements into their home. Are you that one? If you are those who love making some DIY projects, then let’s this Valentine’s day becomes your moment to create some big jobs for your home, especially the bedroom.


As we know, creating a good ambiance in the bedroom is important. Thus, lighting helps us much on making it true in the bedroom in Valentine’s day. Let’s have an example. String lights are one of examples you can have for decorative lighting. Then, make a great and romantic look just by hang them on your mosquito net or curtain in the bedroom so that it looks more incredible.

Bathtub lighting beside the bed and an sampanye in bed create romantic atmosphere for Valentine’s day.
Pendant candle lighting in red bedroom decoration with unique pattern
A series of hanging string lights over the bed to make romantic nuance
Mosquito bed net with decorative lights all around that gives simple look yet romantic nuance

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Two table lamps in side of bed and one pendant lighting make warmer impression
Some lighting ideas placed in the bedroom as decorative lighting ideas

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DIY decorative lights with long wood and syring lights put on the wall for a dramatic vibe

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Flower Petals

Flower petals is the next elements to create a romantic ambiance in your bedroom. In this Valentine’s day, get them as your material to make DIY romantic project that will make your wife or husband gets amazed. By decorating your bed with red or pink rose petals,or even make a heart shaped decoration from rose petals will absolutely represents your love toward your partner in Valentine’s day.

Three various roses petals for bedroom decoration to create romantic look
Chocolate and sampanye in bed also with rose petals decoration to make romantic atmosphere for perfect valentine day.
Red flower petals and sampanye for a romantic bedroom decoration
Candle and sampanye with rose petals decoration for bedroom and also red love craft that looks awesome yet simple.
Huge red roses flower bucket in bedroom with full of red roses around there to make romantic passion and glamour too.

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White bed with rose petals decoration seems to be creative yet simple.
Awesome floral bouquet decoration in bedroom with lovely swan also rose petals to give festive look

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To get simple yet easy DIY romantic projects for your Valentine’s day, just take balloons for the main material. As well as, you can find some unique patterned and designed balloons at the nearest store. In addition, red, pink, or silver balloons seem to be great choices for a more surpising and amazing decoration.

Some gift boxes and floating balloon that tied on them for great and surprising decoration
Monochrome photos tied with floating balloons and rose petals in the bed look so cute yet romantic to remind your sweet moments
Red love balloons floating over the bed with massive decoration and red ribbon hanging down.

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Two big balloons with floating in bed with some cute love shaped balloons for romantic vibe

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Foil balloons with love design which are artistic to make a lovely impression

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Silver love balloons among red ballons to give a focal point of your bedroom decoration for a romantic ambiance
Floating balloon over the bed and rose petals with photo in bed to make your partner get amazed

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Well, there are some DIY projects for your Valentine’s day. Absolutely, they will amp up your bedroom nuance. Likewise, they will make your partner get amazed and excited to spend the romantic time with you. Hope you have a very special moment in Valentine’s day, everyone!

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