21 Cozy Winter Living Room Decoration Ideas You Should Try

When the weather is cold, the temperature gets dropped, and the snow flies, it means winter comes and blows you with its coldness. Then, it is time for us to hunker down in the living room to get warmth. But, have you prepared your living room into a more comfortable and warmer one for winter? If you have not prepared it yet, the following examples will guide you on it.

Fireplace and Mantel

The first idea to make a warm living room is by using a fireplace and mantel. It is common that we do something simple just by light up e fireplace while watching a movie or drinking wine in cold winter. On the other hand, the design of the fireplace will add the nuance of an intimate and edgy look. Therefore, you can apply a certain style like a rustic, minimalist, or modern fireplace. And then, adding some ornaments represent winter or Christmas will be great too.

A fireplace and mantel design with snowy garland to decorate the fireplace. Complete with snowflake ornaments and twigs to get a beautiful look.
A farmhouse chic fireplace and mantel decoration with farmhouse ornament and a throw blanket for more comfortable.
A fireplace and mantel with greenery and candles decoration to create a simple yet attractive winter living room decoration.
For those of you who love with the simple design, you can apply white and black fireplace design. Place some ornaments and flowers to beautify your living room decoration.
A gold vibe decoration is also suitable for winter decoration. You can apply on your fireplace and mantel decoration. Decorate with Christmas ornaments in the gold color to get a glamour impression.
Decorate your fireplace and mantel with antler ornaments. This decoration is in line with natural fireplace design.
An interesting fireplace and mantel decoration with a snowy theme. With the white theme and using a white feather to make a Christmas tree and wreath so that your living room will be cozier.

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Faux Fur Pillow

The next way to create a cozy living room in winter is by providing a faux fur pillow. You know, it is super comfortable to lay down on the sofa with this kind of pillow. Its softness and warmth guarantee you an enjoyable moment in winter. Additionally, a throw blanket or faux fur rug can be your references to complete your living room decoration.

Placing a faux fur pillow on the sofa can create coziness in your living room.

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To get a cozy living room this winter you can place some throw pillow, especially with faux fur material. It can make your room more comfortable.

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A cozy winter living room decoration with a faux fur pillow. You can use white color to get matching look with living room decoration. Besides that, it can make your room warmer.
Try out to place some faux fur pillows in your winter living room decoration to create coziness. You can complete with a faux fur blanket and comfortable sofa for warmer.

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To get a coziness in your living room you can place faux fur pillows on your sofa. Complete with faux fur rug for more warm in this winter.
A faux fur pillow can be used to get a cozy impression in your living room. Combine with soft sofa, faux fur blanket and rug to get perfect a coziness.

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The coziness of the living room can be done by placing a faux fur pillow. Pick in white color to get a contrast look in your dark living room theme.

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Comfortable Sofa

In general, the sofa is the focal point of your living room. Thus, to make a cozy ambiance, you have to choose the right sofa in terms of its material, shape, color, and arrangement. For a small room, choosing a dominant white will make it looks larger. Starting with the floor, wall, and the sofa itself, they will make a chic look that makes anyone get impressed.

Decorate your living room with a white theme and white sofa. A comfortable white sofa is a key to get a coziness in your living room.
Combine a fireplace with a comfortable sofa are a good idea to get a cozy impression in your living room this winter.
One of the ways to get a coziness in your living room is by placing a soft grey sofa. Complete with throw pillows for more comfort.
Placing soft brown sofas to complete your winter living room decoration. It can create a cozy impression for your room.
One important thing to get a coziness in your living room is placing a comfortable sofa. You can use white color for a warm impression. Complete with stripes motif on a throw pillow for a contrast look.
You can use a sofa to create a cozy impression in your living room. Pick in white and soft material for more comfort.

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Besides to create a cozy impression, the sofa is also can make your living room looks glamour. You can choose in pink color and complete with some throw pillows for more comfort.

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Furthermore, along with the kitchen, your living room is the heart of the house. It is the place for entertainment, getting together with the loved ones, and the right place to spend cold days in winter. Also, a good decoration of a living room creates an intimate and inviting vibe for every one who looks at it. As well as that, your excellent winter decoration for your living room will add a statement, character, and warmth.

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