32 Best Modern Rustic Décor Ideas for Small House

Having a small house does not get you into a big problem to decorate it. In fact, some people get confused about how to manage the minimal space in order to create a larger space impression. Also, they may be worried to have lots of furniture because of limited space. But, rustic decoration comes with its simplicity that offers a simple yet elegant look for your house decoration. Thus, we provide some alternatives for decoration for your rooms. Here they are.

Modern Rustic Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a house where all activities begin from this room. Rustic style brings some wooden, pallets, and iron elements into this small space smartly. Besides, pairing wooden and iron elements with a dominant white kitchen surely makes a clean and larger look.

Combine wood and brick for rustic kitchen decor are very suitable to get a natural look. Complete with modern equipment to get modern kitchen style.
Applying unfinished wooden for wall and cabinet ideas is a good idea to get the rustic style in your kitchen. Complete with modern kitchen equipment to get a modern style.
wood cabinets and a shiplap ceiling
Wooden benches and rick wood floors.
Give natural stone and unfinished wood touch to your kitchen decor to get a rustic impression. Combine with modern kitchen appliances to create modern nuance.
Placing spiral iron chairs stand in your kitchen can complete your rustic kitchen decor. Using unfinished wooden for your kitchen island is a very rustic style.
The best modern rustic kitchen decor with white theme and touch of wood and iron. Pairing with modern kitchen equipment to complete your kitchen decor.
Decorate your kitchen with a touch of stone and unfinished wood for rustic kitchen design. Add white pendant lamps to create a modern look.
antique bench as the kitchen island.

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Modern Rustic Bathroom

Moreover, rustic also gives a beautiful touch for your bathroom. Although, your bathroom is quite small, rustic will make it perfect. Additionally, rustic style can be joined with other styles like modern, minimalist, or farmhouse. If you are keen on a minimalist bathroom style, rustic can be your complement for some elements like a brick wall, wooden wall, wooden shelf, etc.

Modern rustic bathroom decor with many wood touches, classic tiles and fun cow print bath up to look natural.
Rustic decor can’t be separated from floral touch. Place a floral arrangement on the bathroom vanity and complete with vintage bath up.
Decorate your bathroom with an old ladder for towel storage and classic vanity to get a rustic look. Complete with the wooden wall for the shower room to feel more rustic.

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A contemporary rustic bathroom with wooden walls and wooden furniture. Complete with touches of concrete on the vanity to get a perfectly rustic look.
A cozy rustic meets modern bathroom styles with old wooden on vanity and modern bathroom appliances can make your bathroom cozier.
Expose your brick walls to get rustic nuance in your bathroom. To look modern you can place a modern bath up and sink.

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Modern Rustic Bedroom

A bedroom is your private room. You surely want to have a comfy bedroom though you only have limited space. Bringing wood and stones as your bedroom decoration will create an amazing rustic bedroom. In addition, you can have an iron bed and some wooden furniture like a shelf, headboard, or dresser.

Natural stone as the place for building the modern fireplace can make your bedroom looks modern.
To get modern rustic bedroom decor you can apply wooden walls and give deer head ornament. Combine with a comfortable bed for cozier.
Bring a touch of wood to decorate your room to get a rustic and natural feel.
Giving raw touch for the idea of the wall is one way to bring a rustic style to your bedroom. Combine with modern furniture to get a modern style.
Long white curtains with wood walls and a large patterned rug …
Decorate your bedroom with brick expose for the walls and some wooden furniture to get the rustic style. Complete plaid motif to look more attractive.
A wooden touch for room decoration is a good way to bring rustic style to your room.
A wooden touch for room decoration is a good way to bring rustic style to your room. Give deer antlers for ornaments to strengthen the rural style.

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Modern Rustic Living Room

Nothing precious than having time with family at home. Then, your living room will be the best place to do this. Give rustic touch for your living room by applying a wooden floor or wall. To balance the natural wood color, combine with a white or beige sofa. Such a wooden coffee table will make your rustic living room more adorable.

The wood ceiling and an old chandelier can make your room look simple. Complete with modern sofas and fireplaces to get a modern rustic style.
Applying wood to the roof idea is a good way to decorate a modern rustic living room. Add wooden walls to get a natural look.
Applying wood to the flooring idea is a good way to decorate a rustic living room. Add a wooden table to get a natural look.
Installing natural stone and glass for the living room, walls can make your living room looks rustic. Combine with a wood touch to get a natural look.
Bring grey hues in your living room decor. Combine with wooden touch for the ceiling idea and old chandelier can make your room looks rustic. Complete with modern sofa and fireplace to get a modern rustic style.
Placing deer head for the wall decoration is one way to bring the rustic style in your home.
Placing animal head for the wall ornament can bring the rustic impression in your living room. Complete with a soft sofa and wooden table to get cozy living room decor.
Applying wood and natural stone for your rustic living room design. Complete with a modern sofa to get the modern style.

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From the description above, we are sure that you have found points on how rustic can make your small house decoration look great. The touch of wood, iron, pallet, brick, and stones or rattan absolutely affects the mood to stay longer at home. Therefore, you should consider a rustic style for your house decoration.

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