32 Creative DIY Winter Craft that You Can Apply for the Living Room

It can’t be argued that the living room is the most important public room in your home. Because of that, then you should make sure that you give the best decoration there. Especially when the season changes so that you can bring the spirit of each season into your home. In case the season is going to be winter, then let’s talk about it! Therefore, since in winter there will be a Christmas celebration, it will be great if you give Christmas touch into it.

Coffee Table

Coffee table as one of the important parts in your living room should be decorated well. In this case, you can’t only consider the decoration but also the functionality. Here, you should make sure that the decoration won’t prevent you to put beverages or snacks there. Hence, don’t put too much decoration into your coffee table. For the affordable one, we serve the decoration that can be made with the DIY project.

This round coffee table in winter works well when combined with warm couches and thick blankets in the living room.
Wintergreen and redwood coffee table decoration with two different green plants. However. The use of red flowers here is really a good idea to bring our pure impression.
Rattan table with decorations in the middle, fruit and patterned napkins. Therefore, you can add to enliven a cool winter.
Decorative candles on a wooden table with white sofas and large patterned carpets.

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The combination of a coffee table and a fireplace in the living room is very helpful when you are stinging or joking in the winter.

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Winter living room with white coffee table, decorative lamps, candles in rattan with, home plants and warm couches.
Using feathers in the living room in winter is very helpful when you are cold by adding decorative candles and coffee tables.
The silver color scheme in this tray will go well with your modern style decor. In addition, you can also use it to put beautiful candles on it.
A rustic style of decoration is brought into this decoration. You can see from the use of wooden baskets for putting green plants. Then, the wooden table is also amazing with its rustic impression.
Really simple decoration with white roses for a Christmas touch and stunning glass pine trees.
Make a few mini Christmas tree decorations in white and gold. Then, to make it look like a page, just arrange everything in the guest window.
Shabby wooden table with decorations in the middle, candles, gifts and some pine leaves. Therefore, you can add red candles for a touch of Christmas color.

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This silver and gray color scheme will perfectly match the decor of your modern style. Apart from that, you can also use it for your industrial-style decoration.
Here, the decoration is not made with ornaments but with the table itself. Look at how unique and anti-mainstream the coffee table is.
Gold pines and silver balls put in the oval plate for the luxurious decoration. Moreover, you can add with Christmas gift under the table for the decoration.

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Simple coffee table decoration with two rattan candle containers. Here, the flowers are amazing for your winter decoration.

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When the coffee table is about the function, then the fireplace is about comfort. Everybody knows that in winter the weather will be cold so that the fireplace is a must to have. Since the fireplace will be an important object in winter so that giving the proper decoration into it is really worthy. There are some choices of the fireplace decoration from the simple one to the complicated one. The following pictures are the references that we serve for you.

Lighting is the main thing used in this decorating idea. In this case, a candle ornament is placed over the coat. Pine pine bouquets are also added under the candle to give a touch of winter.
Garnishes in green and white and gold candlestick containers are effective for a luxurious impression. Then, you can put a unique shape painted into gold. Finally, a pillow near the fireplace will give a warm look in winter.
With green leaves hanging in a simple design, your fireplace is truly amazing yet neat. This decoration is not too much at all and maybe for those of you who like beauty but don’t have much time to do the decoration.
With green bouquets hanging in a simple design, your fireplace is truly extraordinary yet neat and adds to the beauty in the winter living room.
Decorative lights on the matel in the fireplace will be very helpful to enliven the winter day in the living room.
The combination of mini pine trees in front of the fireplace is amazing for the winter living room.
These pine and flower corals help to liven up your fireplace when it’s empty.

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You can find the peaceful feeling in this fireplace decoration. It is because of the ornament used here which is completely calm with greenery.
A simple modern black and white fireplace decoration that will always worthy. It is because the ornament use and the arrangement are really easy.
This one can represent the Christmas spirit well. The snowman above the fireplace, the snow, and the white Christmas tree are obviously bring out winter look.
White is the color scheme for this fireplace decoration. It really matches with winter characteristic because the environment covers with white snow.
Modern fireplace using marble combined with decoration, soft L letter candle and rug….
The black and white theme of this fireplace brings out the modern style decoration. Then, the snow pattern in most of the stuff there represent the winter characteristic.
A gold theme in this fireplace decoration is really luxurious. With its glorious look, you can use it for your classic or elegant living room decoration style.
Applying the garland above the fireplace is the way it decorated. Use a black iron basket for your wood stock to give the modern touch.
This beautiful fireplace with carpet patterned shabby gray sofa and attractive winter decoration.

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Creative DIY Winter Craft For Living Room.

Basically you can have any kind of design for both the coffee table and fireplace. But, if you want to have the harmonious one, you could adjust your design choice. Make sure that you choose the same theme or at least the same color scheme. If it is possible, you could apply the same materials so that you will get a really well-suited decoration. Again, it will be greater if you could apply the design based on your home decoration style.

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