24 Best Stylish Christmas Living Room Decoration Ideas

It is everyone’s dream to have a great Christmas. Of course, they will begin to decorate their house especially their interior design. Also, some people will spend more cost to have a mesmerizing house decoration at Christmas. Generally, there are many ideas of Christmas decorations that we can have. A Christmas tree, fireplace, and lighting fixture are the most commonly decorated at Christmas. They will beautify the living rooms and enhance the spirit of unforgettable Christmas years after years. In addition, to give you more inspirations to decorate them, check the following examples. After that, find the one that inspires you more.


Because Christmas comes in winter, the fireplace is the one to consider for your living room. When you are spending much time with family in the living room, the fireplace will warm the ambiance. Therefore, you had a better focus on its decoration. Green garland, baubles, candles, wreaths are some decorative ornaments put around the fireplace. Besides, unique ornaments like shocks, deer, or mini Santa can be the alternative ornaments to have in spite of putting the Christmas gifts near the fireplace.

presenting a fireplace by adding black and white socks ornamentation
give a touch of garland pad fireplace in your living room
Give lantern ornaments and socks to not look lonely
so that your fireplace is not quiet you give a touch of garland and small Christmas tree
Give a small ornament in the form of a Christmas tree and placed on your fireplace
garland and plaid socks were presented to decorate the fireplace
to decorate your fireplace with candle holders and tropical indoor plants
white fireplace by presenting garland

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Christmas Tree

Christmas feels like nothing without a Christmas tree. It is usually placed in the living room as an iconic item at Christmas. Its decoration will affect to your euphoria to celebrate Christmas. Do the decoration with your children to make their holiday fun. Choose the classic red and green color theme or you can express your own unusual idea to get a unique and iconic Christmas tree. Moreover, you can also apply your favorite color like yellow, purple, and turquoise as the dominant color of your Christmas tree. Then, add some decorative cute ornaments, such as Santa, deer, baubles, stars, snowflakes, and garlands.

large christmas tree that is presented in the corner of your living room so as not to create an empty space
This green christmas tree provides a touch of lighting with a string lamp
green christmas tree that is presented to fill the void of your living room

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large christmas tree that is used to be presented in your living room to celebrate the Christmas season and placed near the fireplace
white and green christmas tree is presented in your living room for this season
large christmas tree that is presented in the living room to give its own impression this season
Christmas tree that uses a container of drums that are not used in silver color
large white christmas tree that is presented in the living room to make it look bright

image source


Not only fireplace and Christmas tree, but lighting also becomes the consideration at Christmas. In every occasion, lighting fixture plays an important role. It gives a vibe and ambiance for the event. It does the same for your Christmas as well. Lighting will make your living room have a warm and romantic ambiance to create an intimate Christmas among you and all your family. String lights, table lamps, lanterns, or pendant lamps can be your references.

silver candle holder placed on your coffee table
unique round pendant lamp by producing maximum lighting from the candle
give a touch of lighting in the form of a star-shaped string lamp for you to give to the christmas tree
provide unique lighting to the ornaments placed on the fireplace
lighting decoration given to garland and wreath
Apply a string lamp to your Christmas tree to give a distinct impression
if you bring a touch of garland to the entrance you should add a string lamp
provide a touch of lighting by using a string lamp that is placed on some furniture

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Best Stylish Christmas Living Room Decoration Ideas.

The living room is the heart of the house on holiday since it is the place to get together with your family. At Christmas, the living room may be the best spot to put some decorative Christmas ornaments to steal every guest’s attention. Furthermore, a nice yet unique Christmas decoration may also inspire anyone who visits your house at Christmas. So, be creative and have a festive unforgettable Christmas this year!

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