30 Amazing DIY Romantic Table Decorations on Valentine’s Day

Get your best moment in this Valentine’s day with your beloved ones. Absolutely, you hope this special day becomes your best moment to share love toward others. Therefore, having dinner becomes one of the ways to make it true. Get a great decoration for your dining table as one of the ways to bring a romantic atmosphere for your house. In this article, we will present you with some table decoration ideas to make your dinner more romantic and unforgettable.


To make your dinner more enjoyable, you surely need some decorative elements for your table setting. Thus, candles can be your choice to create a romantic yet dramatic ambiance. Get some candles in various colors like red, white, or pink and even in some different designs. Then, put them artistically with candle holders, glasses, or lanterns.

Decorative candles placed on glasses with some red rose petals
Long white xoxo tablecloth with candles on it, beautiful red and pink roses.
Candles are decorated with a small heart with all the red decorations and red with maroon.
The redlined candle on the table with some red kinds of stuff for a festive Valentine’s days decoration
Forking branch candlelight that looks amazing for decorating dining table
Red candles in the center of the table with red stuff domination simply amaze everyone
Striped tablecloth and glitter plus a candle in the middle with a classic gold container and a cute strappy napkin on a plate.
Green plants with red large candles in the center of the dining table for good decoration also perfect dinner with a partner.
Paper hearts and red cherries with candles for Valentine’s dining table decorations.
Pendant lighting with hanging paper love craft and three different candles in the glasses
A large lantern with three candles and red flowers to decorate your dining table.

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Candles in mini glasses to create pleasant moments for everyone
A small table decorated with white candles on the ground and red roses to enliven your table.
Candles are placed in the glass for festive dinner table decorations
Large candles on top of leak rise by adding red roses to enliven your table.
Red roses and candles on the dining table create a romantic and dramatic atmosphere

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Flowers seem to be must-have items to create romantic and perfect Valentine’s day. You know, everyone will get excited and surprised if they are given a bunch of flowers. You may have flowers as DIY Valentine gifts. Also, any kind of flower can be your option. So, bring them as your decorative elements for your dining table decoration as centerpieces or additional elements.

Add flower decorations to the pink vase to make the room beautiful or in the middle of the valentine dining table.
Red beans in a vase with various flowers make a perfect table decoration. The candles make a dramatic ambiance
Decorative flowers placed as a centerpiece to complete the table decor with dominant red elements
Two vases of tulips that bring a fresh look and romantic vibe for table decoration
Little pink buckets with some gifts and various flowers in vases for decorating dining table
A white bucket as a vase or a beautiful pink flower container with glass candles, a heart pattern and a beautiful napkin.
A beautiful polished wooden container for placing red and pink roses for decoration on a beautiful countertop.
Two tall glass flower vases with vibrant red on the valentine dining table.
Pretty flower decoration for a dining table to complete a red patterned table runner
Red and pink roses as the centerpiece of the dining table to a festive dining table decoration
Arranged roses as a centerpiece to make a romantic vibe and enhance your table decor
Dominant red kinds of stuff complete red and white tulips for a romantic table setting
Napkin tied with flowers next to a pinky love plate and a white vase with pink roses
Love wreaths made from greens on the elongate dining table and bunches of flowers as centerpieces
Pink flowers with xoxo tablecloth to decorate the table for an unforgettable Valentine’s day dinner.

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Well, those are the ideas to decorate your table to reach a more romantic dinner on Valentine’s day. Aren’t they easy and cute? They can be the main elements or as supporting ornaments that bring perfection for a table decor idea. You can even arrange the flowers by yourself so that it looks perfect as you want. Again, some kinds of flowers, especially roses, look great to decorate your table on Valentine’s day. Lastly, have a great Valentine’s day!

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