34 Ways to Make Incredible Rock Garden Landscaping Designs

There are so many ways to make your garden artsier and more eye-catching. It is not only by planting some big or tall trees. Also, it is not only by planting a rose, sunflower or any other flowers. These two kinds of landscaping ideas might inspire you, so take a look at the design below.


Echeveria Elegans or succulent is a part of cactus that was found in Mexico’s desert. This plant is not difficult for maintenance. One thing that you have to remember that succulent can not too watery because it will be written soon. Plant this succulent around rocks or at gravel is the best planting media. Moreover, succulent has so many variations and colors. It is definitely will make your garden becomes more eye pampering.

Succulent rock garden with purple, green and grey tones.
Beautiful white pebbles with cute succulents look amazing.
Oversized cacti and succulent rock garden with a desert feel.
Pebbles with purple and green succulents look cool together.
Beautiful small Zen rock garden with succulents and grasses.
Succulent variety with flax plants and lavender in the rock garden.
The cute house trims ideas made of succulents and stones.
Stunning rock garden with lots of types of succulents and cacti.

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Cute cactus and succulents to decorate the landscape garden.
Cute aloe and succulents to decorate the landscape garden.
Yellow cactus and succulent for your garden to create a beautiful garden.

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Stunning rock garden with succulents to make it look beautiful.

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Water Fountain

It cannot be denied that most people love to have a relaxed time or place near a water fountain. It really can be a relaxing zone to relax or even to do yoga. The sound of the waterfall really makes us become calmly. Furthermore, it is really perfect to make this decoration in your garden. There are so many variations of design. From traditionally to modern-minimalist design.

A fountain with used cans and surrounded by natural stones.
Frontyard fountain ideas for garden landscape design.
Some designs are made of wood and some gravel for attractive decoration.
Cream design to get a sophisticated look.
Concrete fountain surrounded by natural stones and plants.
The fountain in the corner uses stones and plants.
A modern fountain lined with gravel.
A natural stone fountain piled up surrounded by plants.
Natural stone fountain surrounded by gravel and plants.
Small outdoor fountain with stone structure wall fountains
A fountain with a few pebbles for your garden landscape idea.
A fountain surrounded by gravel and no.
A small fountain enhances backyard relaxation for a calming landscape

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Lion-shaped fountain with dry grass.
The fountain piled in a corner with plants.
The fountain piled up with the bottom filled with gravel.
A fountain above with gravel underneath.

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Unique design for garden fountain landscape ideas.
Stunning stone piled fountains from decorative landscaped courtyards.
A fountain with a few pebbles for your garden landscape idea.
Stunning stone piled fountains from decorative landscaped courtyards.
The fountain displays ideas for patio fountain designs.

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By those pics, you can actually apply it to your garden. Importantly is that you also need to consider the maintenance of those rock garden designs. Moreover, you can ask a professional landscape designer or you make your own design which could be a simple one or full decorations.

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