21 Best Winter Wedding Decor You Can Plan for Now

Although in winter the weather and temperature will be cold, but you can still held your wedding day. It is because the holy white atmosphere in winter can’t be found in any other season. Here, if each season has its own characteristic in decoration, then the winter has it too. There are some things that you can consider in planning your wedding decoration celebration. Go get it now as your advices!

Table Decoration

In case the way you serve your guests will influence their impression to your party, then your table decoration will be important. It is because table will be the thing that related closely with the guests. In hence, you should make sure that you give the best decoration as much as possible. For the match decoration with the season, the following pictures will inspire you a lot.

winter wedding table decorated with various red and white flowers, pine fir, and lush-looking trees
natural winter wedding table in gray and green that presents a concrete candle holder, and for a complement of gray plates and black ribbons
natural winter wedding table with green cloth, candles, green napkins, gold tableware
rough winter wedding table with an open table decorated with a centerpiece and candle holder to make it look festive
Chic winter neutral wedding tablescape with gray napkins and gold napkin rings, to make it look cool add greenery to keep it quiet
Chic winter wedding table settings with emerald napkins, fancy dining equipment and presenting a centerpiece on the dining table
bold winter wedding table with pine fruit, lush-looking trees, and don’t miss to add some pretty flowers
beautiful rustic table with slices of wood, cinnamon and fir, pine cones and add a candle holder for romance

image source

Ceiling Decoration

For the whole party decoration look, people might well look at your ceiling decoration. It is because your ceiling appearance will create the impression of how magnificent your wedding decoration is. Moreover, it will also feel great if you look at the roof of your venue with such a glorious look. Related to that, there are some things that can be considered when talking about the winter wedding ceiling design. Please look at the following pictures.

if you want to apply semi-outdoor can use using birch trees as a buffer beam. Add hanging paper lanterns for a rustic touch.
You can apply it like wrapped in green to suit the hanging vines, look beautiful at night
You can focus on Crystal chandelier getting a natural increase when wrapped with leaves left behind.
if you want to apply a boho style to your tent you can focus from desert rugs, to hanging flower racks and candle racks, and brass accents
Inspiring ceiling style in a wedding decor can make this luxurious and luxurious overhead floral circle made of pink paper flowers and crystal chandeliers
simple decor with a square black-and-white dance floor brings a bit of retro luxury to a tent that is all white.
to decorate the ceiling you can add a bare light bulb and floating vegetables that combine the best to feel a natural and industrial touch.

Image Source

Aisle Decoration

For the best part of the wedding according to your self, it will be about how pretty the aisle is. It is because your aisle will be the path where you walk to the altar to finally meet your groom. Here, to have pretty and romantic decoration will be the best choice for you. Basically there are some things that you can do with your aisle. You can choose the one that really fit your needs and taste.

tunnels made of black iron that are curved and add vines and also LED lights

image source

candle holder arrangements and also some flowers that are characteristic and are placed between the middle ground
You can add some pine cones that you hang on your event chair
You can apply a wooden stand that presents beautiful flowers that characterize the winter
every chair you can bring a pine cone to be able to beautify the decorations during your wedding event that is characteristic in winter
You can hang pine cone on a black iron barrier
You can design by presenting a candle holder that utilizes a classic lantern

Image Source

After all, with those three things that you should concern for your wedding decoration, make sure that you combine the style correctly. It is because you should make the designs look harmonious so that the decoration won’t look weird. In hence, it will be great if you can provide the food for your serving with the winter touches too.

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